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    "I Really Do Like Everything" - Robert Bringas, the Music Baron

    The Music Baron sort of fell into Robert Bringas' lap: in 1996, while working at colossal used bookstore the Book Baron in Anaheim, Bringas began managing the records the store was acquiring. Six years later, the Music Baron took up residence a few ...

    by REX REASON on December 15, 2005
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    Dear Band - Alabaster Rhumb

    I LOVE THE WAY YOU . . . craft songs that play like Grimm Bros. fairy tales--bouncy, optimistic melodies that turn (shockingly!) into a dark type of pop-punk freakout. And I love your simple progressions tied to erratic vocals that are so over-the-t...

    by ERIN SMITH on December 15, 2005
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    Get Out! - White Lightening Dec. 15 - Dec. 22

    THURSDAY, DEC. 15 Glen Matlock should have been in Iron Virgin (real band: song is "Rebels Rule" or something stupidly righteous), but instead he got stuck being the only musician in the Sex Pistols. Can't believe he gets slagged as the wimpy one w...

    by Chris Ziegler on December 15, 2005
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    Live Review - Guitarchestra-on-the-Go

    CHASE FRANK, HELL AT NIGHT AND PAPER PLANES FITZGERALD'S PUB, HUNTINGTON BEACH FRIDAY, DEC. 9 It was loud and heavy and over before you knew it: a triple bill, maybe the best one that Chase Frank has booked in months and certainly the best in ...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on December 15, 2005
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    Blessed State - The Matachine eat your heart out

    For a while, the Matachine were Costa Mesa's onliest punk band (since Sarah Abrams Attack Tank broke up), more likely to set up in someone's living room than on someone's stage, and more likely to finish a set with everybody screaming at once instea...

    by Chris Ziegler on December 15, 2005
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    Harry, Can You Hear Us? - Madman Moon brings Nilsson back to life

    Some say heaven is a place on earth, but I say it's a piano bar in the sky--specifically, a dim, dank dive with brown cracked-leather chairs and oil paintings of naked women and a bearded Harry Nilsson holding court onstage, swigging from a bottle o...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on December 15, 2005
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    Papas of Goth - Bauhaus as band, not memory

    While Bauhaus reunion hype has pretty much worn off--following a 1998 reunion tour with all the original boys, Bauhaus also played to a heat-crunked audience at Coachella this year--the strength and tenacity of their songs have not. They've been dec...

    by ERIN SMITH on December 8, 2005
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    Get Out! - Kill them all

    THURSDAY, DEC. 8 Crzzzzy distorto-dreadnought rockers Immortal Lee County Killersare the heaviest thing out of the American South since the Merrimac: everybody in the world wishes Can had been the Allman Brothers, so here you go for piles and pile...

    by Chris Ziegler on December 8, 2005
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    Hits! - Bionic Records

    Top 10 records sold from Nov. 18 to Nov. 24 at Bionic Records, 2466 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, (714) 526-1912. Bionic specializes in independent underground music with an emphasis on rock, punk and metal. 1 Thrice, Vheissu (Island) 2 Propagandh...

    by REX REASON on December 8, 2005
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    One Last Long Night - 11 years of the Starvations

    There's a kind of conversation that's safe and tasteful to begin only when the most concerned party is otherwise indisposed, like indisposed with 6 feet of dirt and flowers crunching down the halo on their head: that's the messy sentimental honesty ...

    by Chris Ziegler on December 8, 2005
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    Follow Till Death - Xiu Xiu: Embrace them or run

    The problem with Xiu Xiu is that no one ever takes me seriously when I play one of their songs. Some kind of question like "What the hell is this?" or snickering that then fades into nervous laughter when they realize I am being serious. And then th...

    by Vickie Chang on December 8, 2005
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    I Love AC/DC - Devin Christopher, in-game DJ for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks

    If you've been to a Ducks game in the past three years, you've heard Devin Christopher's work. As the primary in-game DJ, it was probably Christopher who selected and played the blaring rock music the team skated out to, or the song specifically cho...

    by REX REASON on December 1, 2005
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    Wotta Country - DEC. 1 DEC. 8

    THURSDAY, DEC. 1 Be thankful for Rooney and Simon Dawes because they keep tipsy teenage girls off the streets (where they might get hit by cars or snap their heels as they tiptoe through storm gutters) and because they dole out warm gooey guitar roc...

    by Chris Ziegler on December 1, 2005
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    Hits! - Top 10 records sold...

    Top 10 records sold from Nov. 11 to Nov. 17 at the Electric Chair, 410 Main St., Huntington Beach, (714) 536-0784; www.electricchair.com. Electric Chair is a punk rock institution that began almost 20 years ago and continues to offer a wide range of...

    by REX REASON on December 1, 2005
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    Black Leather Rock - Link Wray WR.I.P.

    When I saw Link Wray in concert a fewyears back, he seemed very much the dead man walking. Or rather, limping. Or, rather, tottering to the stage on frail, trembling pins, aided by his wife, who looked young enough to be his granddaughter. Were it n...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on December 1, 2005
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    DEPECHE MODE ARROWHEAD POND, ANAHEIM WEDNESDAY, NOV. 23 After 25 years and nearly 70 million records sold, one thing still holds true: Depeche Mode rocks a synthesizer better than anyone else. Playing to a sold-out audience at last week's Arro...

    by NADIA AFGHANI on December 1, 2005
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    GWEN STEFANI AND M.I.A. ARROWHEAD POND, ANAHEIM SATURDAY, NOV. 26 Now that it's over, you can stop lying to your hipster pals: sure, M.I.A. is all sorts of fabulous and sexy and refugee-y and brilliant, but even Honda knows that; so don't clai...

    by STAFF on December 1, 2005
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    David Turbow: Gold Standard - David Turbow; Gold Standard; Onset Records

    David Turbow Gold Standard Onset Records Most likely rock's only singer/songwriter/guitarist with a Ph.D. in social ecology, the fearless leader of what this fish wrap touted as one of Orange County's 129 best bands ever (No. 56, right between...

    by Matt Coker on December 1, 2005
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    Build a Better Mousetrap - THE GUITAR DOCTOR

    David 'Doc' Pittillo--formal name: the Guitar Doctor--would likely get an honorary PhD if Guitarology was actually a course of study at an accredited academic institution. Whether it's a setup on a $100 beginner's Christmas present or a $250,000 ori...

    by REX REASON on November 24, 2005
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    the Coolest Kid in Class - Busdriver's an exhilarating listen

    Without his famously long dreads, newly short-haired Busdriver looks less like an MTA employee and more like a high school teacher, especially with his just-as-famous black glasses. But he's got the personality of the coolest kid in the class--brain...

    by CHARLIE ROSE on November 24, 2005
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