And you thought "Chinese Democracy" took a long time

More than three decades after recording their debut record, Detroit garage/proto-punk trio Death is finally releasing their album.

The band is/was(?) comprised of three brothers: guitarist David, bassist/singer Bobby and drummer Dannis Hackney. And yes, they are black, but by brothers I mean they share parents. The story according to their myspace page is that they got some money from Clive Davis to record 12 songs. But the music mogul wanted the threesome to change its name before issuing the album. Being the rugged rockers that they were, Death declined and took money from their advance to put out a single. Because of this, only seven songs were finished.

Not much was heard from them after that. That is, until now. Drag City put out Death's record a few weeks ago and if I was a Hackney brother, I think that would feel pretty damn good.

Check out their myspace page for three pretty killer songs in the Stooges/MC5/Thin Lizzy vein. If ya dig that, the disc is called "For the Whole World to See" and includes all seven previously mentioned tunes.


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