And Now, for Some Battles In Your Life (New Album, Tour, ATP Curation)

Battles, now a trio!
Battles, now a trio!
I must admit I cried a bit when multi-instrumentalist Tyondai Braxton left Battles last year . . . but that doesn't make the announcement of their new album, Gloss Drop, and the tour fronting it any less exciting.

Gloss Drop, which will feature appearances by Chilean artist Matias Aguayo, electronic-music pioneer Gary Numan and Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino, will drop June 7.

Even better news is the announcement of their SoCal appearance; they'll be at the Echo on May 2. Apparently, the new album is poppier and even summery, as bassist Dave Konopka told



There was a lot of new space to work with, but the album is still crazy-- it doesn't sound like we're a three-piece. It also opened up a lot of doors for us to collaborate with some really great vocalists such as Matias Aguayo from Kompakt Records and Eye from the Boredoms. There are two more guests I can't talk about just yet. And all the vocalists are really integrated into the music; it's not like, "Why is Chris Martin on this Battles song?" [laughs]

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