Anaheim Comic-Con to Debut in April 2010

Anaheim Comic-Con to Debut in April 2010

Wizard Entertainment, the publisher of magazines Wizard (comic books/geeky pop culture) and ToyFare (action figures) announced today the latest addition to their slate of comic book conventions: Anaheim Comic-Con, set for April 16-18, 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center. (Yes, they named a comic book magazine "Wizard." Reading it in public is always an adventure.)

Anaheim will be Wizard's fifth yearly convention, along with Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Toronto. This marks the return of Wizard cons to Southern California after the demise of Wizard World Los Angeles, held each year in March from 2004 to 2008; the first two years in Long Beach, and the latter three at the LA Convention Center. That convention was never too swamped, which was good in the sense that it was a less stressful alternative to the always cramped (and completely unrelated) Comic-Con International in San Diego, but bad in the sense of making enough money to keep doing it. Guess the folks at Wizard think that Anaheim will fare better for them.

The press release says "Pop Culture, Video Game and Comic Expo To Come To Orange County, For The First Time Ever" which is demonstrably true, since this is the first year of this particular convention. No programming or guests have been announced yet, natch, but tickets are already on sale. $45 for all three days, $25 for an individual day, and adventurous folks can shell out $150 for a mysterious "VIP package." The Wizard conventions always attract some solid names, so this should be a fairly big deal in the world of geeky events. Which is not to say that there won't also be a string of your Lou Ferrignos and Erin Grays charging $20 for pictures. It wouldn't be a comic convention without that!

Before Anaheim Comic-Con happens, there's another new SoCal convention on the horizon: the unaffiliated Long Beach Comic Con, happening at the LB Convention Center on Oct. 2-4. And Comic-Con in San Diego starts next week, from July 22-26. Hope you like looking at comics!


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