Ana Tijoux Spotlights Chile's Student Protests in 'Shock' Music Video

Ana Tijoux Spotlights Chile's Student Protests in 'Shock' Music Video

Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux debuted her video "Shock" yesterday to audiences across the globe. The song is the lead single off of Tijoux's forthcoming sophomore album La Bala, which features collaborations with Jorge Drexler and Cuban rappers Los Aldeanos and is due for release on January 31.

The hip-hop beat is punctuated by marching drums reminiscent of the rally call rhythms of certain offerings from Chile's folkloric Nueva Cancion movement of the late 60's and are a staple of contemporary street demonstrations in the country. The politicized lyrics tackle the neoliberal economic model deemed the 'Shock Doctrine' by author Naomi Klein in a book by the same title and implemented in Chile under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet by Milton Friedman technocrats known as 'the Chicago Boys.'

Known best for her song "1977," Tijoux's flow is also a flexing display of her dynamic delivery. Galvanized by the student protests in Chile for public education rights, the Grammy-nominated MC said in a press statement, "Writing this song, I was inspired by these social movements, writing from my perspective as a mother, musician and citizen. I thought it was important to pay homage to these protesters."

To learn more about the social upheaval in Chile over its education system, readers can check out a recent episode of Al Jazeera's Front Lines where Tijoux is a guest commenting on the social situation and sings her song "Shock" near the end of the program. Oh, and one last thing, ¡Viva Chile, mierda!


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