An Open Letter to Kreayshawn: On Your Epic Freestylin' Fail

Oh, Kreayshawn. While we're all for defending your odd-looking white chick rapper from the Bay Area schtick (after all, we loooove "Gucci Gucci"), we're afraid that your newfound, as-of-yet unearned fame will possibly kill your career.

Not only have we seen too many videos of your sub-par performances where you basically just sing the verses along with the album track and run around the stage like a gawking chicken flailing your arms about, but now there's this awkward, sad proof on YouTube that you can't really freestyle and shouldn't even try, from Cosmic Kev's radio show on Power 99 in Philadelphia.

Maybe music critic Sasha Frere-Jones wasn't right and people will remember how to spell your name come December, but we don't want it to be for all the wrong reasons.

And maybe we shouldn't even blame you when it's not like you gave yourself a million-dollar record deal and a VMA nomination on the strength of one single. We're willing to give you another chance--but promise us you'll watch the video after the jump ON REPEAT and never let it happen again.


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