An 'Ode to Women' From Your Best Friend's Ex--Really?

For Canadian rap-rockers Your Best Friend's Ex, the definition of an ode as a lyrical verse in praise of something inspiring somehow got horribly lost in the mix. Their cheap trick of a first single, "Ode to Women," manages to peddle "I said, bitch, shut your mouth" as a chorus. Feeling poetically serenaded yet, ladies?

The band describe their song as "naggingly catchy" while hilariously trying to tie themselves to a musical lineage including the likes of Run DMC, Jay Z, the Beastie Boys and Gym Class Heroes! As if trying to make a name for themselves with a misogynist anthem wasn't bad enough, the Hootie and the Blowfish rejects filmed a music video in support of the song.

Predictably, it features scantily clad women, including Wendy Fiore, Jordan Carver, Mina Stefan and Penthouse's Veronica Ricci, parading around, with one even crawling on all fours with her mouth duct-taped shut. Our ears are then asked to endure rhymes from Troy Dunnit like "But she wants that ring/That's when I get saved by the bell/Riiiiing!" To make matters worse, the guitarist gets on the mic for a rambling third verse about "library girls."

Your Best Friend's Ex are quick to note their video has gotten more than 300,000 views since its release over two weeks ago. One thing the band fail to highlight, however, is that the thumbs-down "dislikes" on YouTube are winning by a good margin! Not only that, but the comments section is chock-full of denunciations including the retort "F*ck Rebecca Black . . . this is the worst song ever written!"

Nevertheless, Dunnit still describes his band's single  as a "joke track but a very serious song from a very serious band!"



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