'American Idol' 'Bikini Girl' From Not Too Far From Here

The star of tonight's American Idol eighth (I know, only eight?) season premiere of American Idol is surely Katrina Darrell, already known the world over as "Bikini Girl." That clever nickname is derived from the fact that she wore a bikini to the audition, which seems to be the only reason she made it through despite a subpar version of Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love."

Anyway, even though the auditions shown were shot in Phoenix, she's actually from Chino Hills (according to no less a source than the Popcrunch blog), a town bordering our own fair county. So given that we cover Long Beach, Pomona and Cerritos, we might as well claim her as ours. Um...yay? I'll take her over Rick Warren.

Here's the video. It's pretty creepy for several reasons: the lascivious slow-mo and close-ups, the obvious sexism of the male judges and the attempts by Ryan Seacrest to appear like he didn't find Darrell's making out offer gross. The fact that there's a fourth judge now is also disorienting, but she appears to be a good bit sharper than the other three (clearly not too impressive of a feat), so good for her.

Here's the video. There's some weird crap tacked onto the end of it, I dunno why.


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