Tickets go on sale Saturday for a show that I've been waiting for for a long, long time.

ALL, with second singer Scott Reynolds, is playing with OC favs Big Drill Car July 18 at the House of Blues.

For the uneducated, ALL was formed from the ashes of the Descendents. They've been through three singers and haven't played locally with Reynolds in a very long time. So long I can't even give a rough estimate. Let's say it's been nearly 15 years and leave it at that.

Like many stupid kids, I hated ALL when I first heard them. They weren't the Descendents, and the Descendents were my favorite band; hence, ALL sucked. But along with gray hair, getting older also brought me wisdom. I bought the greatest hits type thingy they released in 1999 and since then I've favored ALL to the Descendents. If the teenage version of me read that, the old me would definitely be sporting a black eye right now.

It's too bad more people don't know about ALL. But that's kind of their fault. The line between the two bands has never been clearly defined. ALL takes its name from the final Ds record (final until they reunited in 1996 and 2004.) The band has always played Descendents songs live, and while those are great tunes, ALL has plenty of its own material to cover. After seeing the Ds about 10 times, hearing ALL play "I'm Not a Loser" really lost its appeal when I considered tunes such as "Carnage," "Fool" or "Dot" were left out.

Let's hope they stick with the ALL tunes for these shows because it's about damn time the spotlight shines of them for a while.


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