All Out of Love: Five Air Supply Videos That Will Make You Want To Choke Yourself

All Out of Love: Five Air Supply Videos That Will Make You Want To Choke Yourself

The legacy of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock--the Australian duo better known as Air Supply--is filled with mushy pop sweetness that resulted in a handful of '80s hits. And while most of these classic songs just make us want to hit ourselves over the head with a sledge hammer, the videos that tell the story of these songs are--as Law and Order SVU would put it---"especially heinous." 

Whether they're trying to amaze us with their rugged chest hair, wooing girls that look suspiciously under age or posing on top of moving trains, Air Supply's knack for pouring on the cheese is enough to make you want to, well, choke yourself.  Sure, fans who are gearing up to see the band perform once again at the Grove of Anaheim tomorrow probably beg to differ. But hey, they probably don't read this blog anyways, so we might as well share a light-hearted laugh at their favorite band.

1. "Even the Nights Are Better"
If you were a girl riding your bike down the peer at the beach and you came across two creepy dudes twice your age standing near an abandoned carnival, would you hop the fence and follow them inside? We didn't think so. But judging by this video for "Even the Nights Are Better," that kind of thing happened a lot in the '80s. 

2. "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All"
Say what you will about AS's mushy, gushy prom anthems, but these guys know how to execute a proper story line in their videos. Boy leaves girl to go on tour, boy sees good times he used to have with girl in crazy, rotating picture frames. Girl spins around in his dreams. In the end, girl makes a U-turn in her car and magically appears at boy's arena rock concert hundreds of miles away. It's a common love story you've no doubt experienced yourself.


3. "Every Woman in the World"
If there's one thing that should comfort you about the music industry's slow, digitized death, it's that recording sessions like these are now a thing of the past. There are few things more barf-worthy than watching a bunch of collar-popping corn balls standing around congratulating themselves about how popular their band is. Mean while they're burning millions of dollars an hour in a corporate recording studio trying to produce a hit that will hopefully land somewhere around No. 46 on the pop charts. This whole video wreaks of fiscal irresponsibility and douche baggery. Graham's pink shirt is pretty sexy though. We can't deny that.

4. "Lost in Love"
Is that a fucking galaxy green screen you guys are standing in front of? Seriously, why aren't you suing YouTube for keeping this in circulation?


5. "Goodbye"
If there's one mistake that most people make about Air Supply's music, it's that all written for the ladies. As this video clearly demonstrates, the band's lonesome-hearted crooning and guitar plucking is not just for the fairer sex. Their love also extends to trains as well. Although by the of this tune, you may just find yourself wanting to jump in front of one.


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