All-Encompassing Comic-Con Photo Post! Part Two!

All-Encompassing Comic-Con Photo Post! Part Two!

More Comic-Con photos, from Saturday and Sunday, as the musky smell and convention madness begins to sink in. (Check our previous bunch of photos out here.)

I've seen a lot of Batman yarmulkes in my time, but this has to be one of the very best.

Look at how realistic these cop costumes are! They even have real guns! What a nice touch!

All-Encompassing Comic-Con Photo Post! Part Two!

Seth Green is being interviewed by G4 somewhere in this picture. Can you spot him?

My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way also writes a comic book for Dark Horse, called The Umbrella Academy. Here is, being all blurry and stuff.

The Comic-Con escalator is very tall. Scaling its heights is like ascending into nerd heaven.

Everyone knows the biggest problem with Monopoly money is that you don't get to cut it yourself.

This costume is so good, he has to be a professional. How do you get that job? Professional Ninja Turtle?

This may look like a statue, but it's actually a very still person in a Snake-Eyes costume. (Nah it's a statue.)

In 1986, Stan Bush's song "The Touch" was in the original, animated The Transformers: The Movie. It has defined every aspect of his career since.

Matt Groening('s back), creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, not being let in early along with the rest of us on Sunday morning.

Nathan Fillion, from Firefly, Waitress, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Desperate Housewives and Slither, walking down stairs. The excitement never stops at Comic-Con!


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