Sunday: All Lionel needs is love
Sunday: All Lionel needs is love

All Do Crazy Things

Aw fuck look: shit-rock from right here? I didn't know we had this, but locals Crystal Antlers are screeeming post-Blue Cheer via-Comets on Fire echoplex hell/fuzz/cave/rage/trogg-opera/rock and they even do "Parchman Farm" (the proof-of-age you have to flash to get into the exclusive shit-rock fraternity) plus they make Dylan's "Baby Blue" sound like "Sister Ray." (Fans of thee old Hunches' "Static Disaster" will much want to hear this.) "Last Song" is a crayon copy of "Funhouse" (blat sax + Iggy vocals going dowwwwwwwn) and that's fine, too. If they put out as much toxic cloud live as they do on their little recordings then I will consider it supreme privilege to choke on this in person. Guys, dial this up/don't let us shit-rockers down! With New Fi and the Prix at the Prosp.

Fresno's Planet Asia shared tracks with Ghostface and is probably the most agile MC ever from the Central Valley but he still seems stuck on also-ran status: newest album The Medicine (follow-up to The Diagnosis and The Sickness) doesn't lack for delivery but production by Dilated People's Evidence skews really spare. Asia goes huge on title track but that beat is barely there—maybe that makes for a slower burn than he deserves. Space-y production and vicious vocals—strange mix but you could grow into it. Anyway: back discography mostly never lags so trot out to this anyway at the Roc.

Many bangers scheduled for Abstract Workshop with Myka Nine (Freestyle Fellowship and the underrated Haiku D'etat) and Trek Life, both online with soon-to-breakout Jud Nester, whose "U Shoulda Seen Her on MySpace" will be the Snakes on a Plane of hip-hop downloads this holiday season. Myka is touring his Citrus Sessionsalbum—"Determination" is a grabber, group-vox hook and Myka's plosive verses—and Trek Life's Price I€™ve Paid has top-notch production by Rhettmatic and more to fit some of Trek's tightest work yet. Solid show at Detroit.

PLUS: Farewell to TSOL at the Vault for two nights: Mike Roche and Ron Emory are moving out of state and that leaves Gentleman Jack on his own (but poised to resurrect Joykiller?). Opening acts include everybody localish who ever held a guitar and cursed: Crowd, Broken Bottles, Ciril, Channel 3, JFA, ManicHispanic, Black Fag and so many more, enough to pack every LBPD paddywagon. Two last chances to fuck the dead!

AND: Souls of Mischief headline fest at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino; Warrant acoustic pie at Coach House; return of 400 Blows at Alex's Bar.

Lionel Richie is what Baghdad was listening to as U.S. troops came marching in back in 2003, according to . . . Lionel Richie, as told to an ABC reporter investigating why it is that Iraqis would be listening to Lionel Richie between anti-aircraft fire and cruise missiles shrieking past overhead. Says Richie: "Love." Yeah sure: love makes us all do crazy things. True story? Dunno, but there's also a circulating photo of Richie performing in front of Moammar Gadaffi's actual house dated April 2006. Any noodlehead with a haircut and a good hoodie can get big in Europe but it takes a consummate pro to make it huge in the Axis of Evil, where democracy comes after "Dancing on the Ceiling." At the Axis of Anaheim Convention Center.

AND: Gold Standard Labs label—who have been riding a real strong streak of releases; check Jai Alai Savant, DMonstrations and Cut City for spirit of '79 anything-goes-ness—present some of their babies at Alex's: Sexytime Explosion jump off the mainstreaming of Sacha Baron Cohen with a rougher/harder/louder self-titled debut that sounds like VKTMS with the subtle synths of Suicide and the gentle rhythm section from Big Black. Propulsive, eh? Then hardcore Devoism from Anavan and new GoGoGo Airheart band Deadly Fins, who could sound like anything but hopefully sound like Swell Maps.

Silk-sheets R&B from star of stage and screen Tyrese, prepping his new record between roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious 4 Ever N Everand (really) Transformers the Live Action Movie, where ideally he will reprise lines from songs like: "You're the only sex I'm getting now/ain't that a trip?/Autobots, roll out!" Jazz and Blaster front row at the HOB.

Thomas Dolby not just blinding science but maybe Robyn Hitchcock, too; these two Brit parabola riders had to cross paths one time or another and so Dolby did keys for Hitch and the Soft Boys and Hitch did guitar for Dolby's Flat Earth. Isn't that great? It's like finding out the guy who sang "Hot Hot Hot" used to be in the New York Dolls. I often dream of trains at the HOB.

Nah, wha?

Club Sachi at the Seaport Marina (2nd/PCH in LB) with DJ sets by Beat Junkies What? and Mr. Choc plus blowin'-up Aloe Blacc as MC and more.

PLUS: Heaviness from Horns at Alex's; INXS got no sensation at the HOB.

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