Former (or is it current? Or maybe it's a "when they play, he's in the band" type of thing) ALL/Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton has posted a new instrumental tune on his myspace page.

For now, the track is titled "11909," which I'm assuming means it was written and/or recorded on Jan. 19, 2009. Whatever the case, it's a great song that makes me long for more ALL.

If you don't know ALL, you should. They're the band that picked up the pieces when singer Milo Aukerman left the Descendents. They combine quirky pop hooks with abstract rock in a way that few could pull of (although many have tried). Unfortunately, like most bands from their era (late '80s through pretty recently), ALL hasn't been very active outside of a handful of shows within the past year or so.

There's also a slower song called "12408" that combines Sabbath riffs with ambient verses. Or something like that.

These new songs could easily be on the next ALL record - assuming there ever is one.

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