Album Review

Has anyone else noticed that Eugene Mirman is funny exactly half the time? I've seen him live, and only every other time has it been hilarious. And as a non-comedian (except in bed), I do have quite a bit of respect for the art of getting up in front of a crowd by yourself. In a band, at least you have a couple other douchebags to take the fall with you. In his new CD/DVD, Mirman includes some of his infamous home movies about "kicking your ass with his dick" or "stabbing people to death with his tongue." And again, half of the videos are funny. Being allergic to pussy, for instance, is not funny to anyone ever. The first half of the CD is standard standup format, but Mirman is among the better comics out there. He embraces the energy of music venues, as opposed to that of a comedy club. I guess I should just compare him to other comedians like Aziz Ansari or David Cross. Is that alt.-comedy? I hope not. Those fuckers already ruined country music. Anyway, one of Eugene's best bits is where he gives out coupons to audience members for things like "Ass Party, Your Rules!" or a coupon that allows Eugene to "cum on the coupon holder's back." But following the Mirman theory of batting .500—which in baseball fucking smokes!—the CD ends with one of the worst bits I think I've heard from him. It involves Eugene driving home from the comedy club commenting on his earlier performance and ends in what sounds like a Star Wars battle. I have nothing smart to say about it.


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