Albert Loses His Acrobatics Everyday Virginity

Albert Loses His Acrobatics Everyday Virginity

Yeah, sorry for the risque subject title--I guess I still have this week's "sex issue" on the brain.

I went to my first Acrobatics Everyday-promoted show on the campus of UC Irvine last night. It's a year-plus old on-campus concert series, usually of fairly avant garde acts that wouldn't get booked around here otherwise. Last night was definitely eclectic, with Portland-basd acoustic singer-songwriter Cole Moldy Milner, noise rock duo Au (also from Portland) and Rhode Island DJ Blevin Blectum. It was held in one of the Social Sciences trailer, so yeah, it was definitely an actual concert in a classroom. Desks and everything! Whiteboard as backdrop! Pretty cool and unique all around.

I'll be writing more about this in print in the future, but definitely keep an eye out for their upcoming shows (they're open to all and typically $5). Robedoor and Horse Head play on March 5, price and locale to be determined.

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