'Ain't That America' With Lil Duval is Straight Up Bussin!

'Ain't That America' With Lil Duval is Straight Up Bussin!

When it comes to bringing amazingly epic and comical quick quips on MTV's "Guy Code," Lil Duval has it down to an artform. He's so hilarious in fact that MTV2 gave him his own show that will be premiering on July 9th called, "Ain't That America." And for good reason. He's funny on TV, his stand-up is funny, he's funny on Twitter...are you noticing a trend here people? Lil Duval kicks ass in the funny department. Before the premiere of his new show we got the scoop on what he has in store for us, found out how he handled being at EDC, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to shit talk with him about some of his recent tweets. What we learned is that without a doubt, Lil Duval is living the American dream.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Did you have fun at EDC in Vegas?

Lil Duval: Yeah that was amazing. It was my first time going to an electronic show and it was more than I expected. Everyone was partying. And I'm not even into that music but you can't help but to get into it when you're out there! My friend was like, "You wanna go to a rave?" I was like,"Let's go!" We took a helicopter and when we got there I was like, "Oh shit!" It was like some Woodstock shit!

More like some "pop a molly" shit.

Yeah I think everyone was on drugs there but me! I was cool with that because I just like to see everyone having fun. It's like in the clubs you're just sitting there looking at each other popping bottles but these people were having a good time. If they are having fun, I can't knock it.

I hear you. I follow you on Twitter and I wanted to see if you could elaborate on some of the things that you tweeted.

Alright go ahead. Let's do this!

You said, "Let me find out u hoes round here still getting fingered in the car." So are fingers off-limits?

Oh! [Laughs.] I just didn't think that grown-ups still did that! That's what you do at thirteen! I didn't know that someone is still fingering girls at thirty. Like, what are you getting out of fingering at that age? When you're young and you're doing that, that's like having sex...so it's cool. I'm talking about if you are a grown ass man and you are still fingering women in a car and you didn't even fuck? What kind of shit is that?

Oh my god. Haha I'm crying. What about when you said, "Any girl that's given head with a condom is stupid. Bitch u might as well go chew on a rubber glove." I agree but what about if she's doing it because her man has something?

Ummm that's going to still be your man if he caught something? You're going to still make that your man? That means he got it from somebody else!

What if it was a preexisting condition though?

I don't know. I can't see me messing with some girl that was like, "Hey I just want to let you know I got something. You wanna mess with me now?" Fuck no! I know that sounds harsh but it's real! I wouldn't want anyone to see my dick if there was something on it. If you have to wear a rubber to suck my dick, don't suck my dick! Why would you wear a rubber to suck somebody's dick? Is it that bad?

It must be that bad. Bleh. OK this one I didn't get at all so I'm thinking I might just be too white. Please explain what, "These delta blondie squares be bussin" means.

[Laughs.] Oh I was talking about those things they call blondie squares on my flight! I was randomly tweeting...

Wait. Like the brownies?


Haaa. I thought you were calling the stewardesses blondies...but they were acting square or something!

[Laughs.] See, you were overthinking it! That's the perfect example of over analyzing. People study things instead of just enjoying it! I was talking about a regular old brownie but you know what is so funny? Someone probably got offended by that!

Oh fuck them if they did. People can take their "being offended BS" and suck it. I need to understand WTF the word "bussin" is though.

[Laughs.] Bussin means like, that shit is good! It's just bussin! That shit goes hard!

I love it. The word bussin is bussin! I need to fit that in my vocab.

You should! When it comes to the point where you need to use it, like when you're eating a good ass brownie, just say, "Damn this shit's bussin!" Be confident when you're saying it too because then people will believe in what you're saying.

This is why you need more characters on Twitter. Too funny, thanks for playing along. I'm a big fan of Guy Code on MTV so I'm really excited about you getting your own show.

Yeah thanks. Ain't That America isn't going to be one of those shows where you're watching people get fucked up. Ain't That America is more like seeing how America does crazy and wild stuff in this country, where you can do it. It's kind of like a mixture of Ridiculousness, except it's not that extreme where people run into walls and bust their nuts off, and a mix of Dave Chappelle. So there are clips and skits. Plus we have a set where we talk to the crowd and I have guests on. It's all three elements in one so it's giving you something that you are familiar with and then, giving you an extra bonus.

Make sure you tune in to check out "Ain't That America with Lil Duval" on MTV2 July 9th. For more info on the show, go to www.MTV.com. You can also pick up some merch on Lil Duval's website www.RickBroke.net and follow him on Twitter @LilDuval.

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