Adam Lambert singing a track off of Trespassing
Adam Lambert singing a track off of Trespassing
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Adam Lambert - Pacific Amphitheater - 7/19/12

Adam Lambert
Pacific Amphitheater

Glambert fever took over the Pacific Amphitheater last night as Adam Lambert belted out crowd favorites and brand new material in part of the Orange County Fair's summer concert series. In honor of his May sophomore album "Trespassing," fans paraded around with yellow crime tape to welcome the screaming, American Idol alumni.

The night before, A.I.'s 2011 winner Scotty McCreery was gracing the stage for a very different (i.e. wholesome) countrified concert.  Lambert, the first openly gay artist to top the Billboard Top 200 album chart at number one with Trespassing, took the stage with some serious disco diva swagger,  tossing hits "Whataya Want From Me" and "If I Had You," along with a brand new variety in "Never Close Our Eyes" and "Naked Love". With poof'd gelled hair, limp wrist and a face plastered with makeup, Lambert vogued on the neon lit stage while wearing a stallion imprinted blazer, accompanied by a wailing guitarist with bright pink hair, a female bassist who challenged Lambert in the fashion department with Skrillex-style shaved hair. Of course our favorites in the band were two voluptuous black backup singers named "The Va Jay Jays". I must say it was nice to see girls with shape and meat on their bones singing and dancing in the spotlight.

Adam Lambert reenergized
Adam Lambert reenergized
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

After spending some of his summer in London as temporary fashion-forward frontman of rock legends Queen, Lambert brought the crowd to its feet for an entire standing only set on Thursday night. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but the San Diego native is eager to take the lead with Brian May and Roger Taylor for a future Queen studio album.

As for glam nation, Lambert brought his full vocal capacity on new track "Shady", which sounded like a Funkadelic version of Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time."

The vocal phenom did not forget his personality at the door as he said "Thanks for coming out tonight to my house." He took off his shoes to feel the comfort of a bright yellow tiger print rug placed at center stage, and proceeded to say, "If you are ever nervous, sweaty or anything, just take your damn shoes off." A older lady yelled back provocatively. "Take your jacket off!"

Although he does not have moves like Jagger, he exuded the sex-appeal of Prince and Michael Jackson during  "Pop That Lock" which came with a "Smooth Criminal" outro. While observing the crowd, the bright colored shirts, teased hair and ripped fabric felt like a flashback to the early 90's. "Naked Love" filled the missing void, as the crowd waved their hands back and forth to this Mariah Carey-esque bubble gum pop song.Bright blue and silver strobe lights helped bring the electro world of Lambert's brand new lead single "Never Close Our Eyes" to life.

Though he left the stage without an encore, Lambert's final song , "Cuckoo" allowed him to exit just the way he came out, with a ball of energy and glittery, electrified funk that beckoned the crowd to "party 'till they take us away."

Critical Bias: I came into this concert thinking I would hate my life. Watching Lambert allowed me to appreciate an amazing vocal talent and stage performer.

Crowd: Generations of screaming females, from glammed-out  grannies to teens wrapped in yellow no trespassing caution tape.

Random Notebook Dump: This video from last night gives you a little taste of what we're talking about.

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