Activist/Rapper Immortal Technique Heads Immigration Panel in Costa Mesa

In a recent Daily Pilot profile of Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor, the controversial politician claimed that taco trucks blaring "La Cucaracha" motivated him to get active in politics. If that's the case, he'll be slightly relieved that revolutionary underground MC Immortal Technique is coming to his city today not to bump his seditious beats and rhymes, but to drop knowledge instead. 

Mansoor's reassurance is sure to be only slight, as the rapper's appearance heads off an assembled group of Los Angeles and Orange County based community organizations that are no fans of the Mayor's immigration policies. (Those aren't bands on the flyer, after all!)

Immortal Technique's participation in the panel discussion on immigration and indigenous issues follows the performance the rapper delivered as part of the lineup for Guerrilla Union's the

Rock the Bells festival last Saturday

In line with the fifth element of hip-hop culture, Immortal Technique will be speaking his mind and sharing knowledge on topics that have polarized the city throughout Mansoor's reign as Mayor. 

The dialogue will be taking place at the Neighborhood Community Center in Costa Mesa at 5 p.m. and a modest donation will be requested at the door. It will be a chance for the hip-hop heads who didn't brave the outdoor heat of Sun Burnardino's NOS Events Center to connect with the artist.

Ahead of the panel, the New York-based MC has been letting his local fans know the deal via Facebook updates on his page. In one such posting, Immortal Technique expressed dismay that his thoughts on the World Cup generated more discussion, writing, "145 comments about the world cup. 11 about the Immigration forum. Fuckin' clowns... I'll see the real soldiers there (those dedicated but who can't make it there cuz you live far please repost everywhere)."

Only, in the warped world of Costa Migra, soccer and even basketball intersect with the rampant xenophobia present there. Mayor Mansoor tried to limit the number of soccer fields in the city's parks and the Aztec Basketball League, when attempting to temporarily hoop it up in Costa Mesa, soon found that it bore an all too "unfortunate" name. 

Immortal Technique appears as part of the "These are the Front Lines: Migration, Indigenous, and Immigration" Panel Wed. Aug. 25th at the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park, Costa Mesa, 5 p.m. $5 suggested donation. Event will also be broadcast live at


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