Acrobatics Everyday In Trouble?

Acrobatics Everyday has brought lots of cool shows to the UC Irvine campus in the just under a year they've existed: Japanther, The Mae Shi, The Shaky Hands, a Q&A with Ian McKaye, bunches more. Now the students behind the group--we profiled Sam Farzin last month--are looking for your words of support, as they prepare to oppose impending school legislation that would move Acrobatics Everyday-booked shows to the lecture halls; which, they say, would present essentially insurmountable challenges in terms of reserving space and feasibility for the performances.

Words of support can be e-mailed to ACROBATICSEVERYDAY@GMAIL.COM, to show UCI honchos what AE has meant to the community.

Full text of their message after the jump.

please read this!

it's been almost a year and what a year it has been. thank you for 
in the first months, there was a lot of unnecessary stress caused in 
the struggle to simply booking rooms on campus. luckily, some 
friendly folks have made it easier since the summer to book rooms.

however, once again, we are in a position of great stress. the 
university has told me that acrobatics everyday events will have to 
occur in almost only lecture halls, barring the student center rooms 
(which in no-chair configurations cost $100s to use). now it is 
pretty obvious that the majority of events acrobatics everyday puts 
on would not befit a lecture hall; in addition, lecture halls are 
notoriously difficult to book. all in all, the campus still does not 
respect what acrobatics everyday does.

i am going to attempt to discuss these issues with the head of 
scheduling this coming week. when i go in i will attempt to once 
again explain to the bureaucracy why acrobatics everyday is 
necessary, how much time and effort has been put in by so many people 
with no tangible reward, and how bright the future could be.

what i ask of you:

if you have ever come and seen a show (or wanted to) or if you 
appreciate the availability of non-profit live music, please consider 
writing a brief comment in support of acrobatics everyday. i want to 
show them what acrobatics everyday means and how their stifling rules 
cannot work for every single scenario. i will present a list of 
comments to the administrators. you do not have to include your name. 
i will present the comments by as much information you want to give 
me (student, grad year, community member, etc).

i can't take the notion of a campus where christo-fascists are free 
and welcome to parade their hate and yell at students for hours while 
the same students have to jump through hoops to simply borrow a space 
for 3 or 4 hours.

the best case scenario is the establishment of a trailer or space on 
campus where acrobatics everyday can live.

so, help acrobatics everyday! please write a comment.


support is appreciated.


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