A sad day for radio: The demise of 97.1 KLSX

A sad day for radio: The demise of 97.1 KLSX

By now I'm sure most talk radio lovers have already got their big box of Kleenex handy. In what may be one of the most tragic losses in FM history, our beloved stable of KLSX jocks will be officially out of a job at 5 p.m. The owners of CBS radio have chosen to dissolve the hit L.A. radio station in favor of a "360 degree audio and visual experience" known as AMP radio. Great, more top 40 slop. After 13 years of broadcasting the only FM talk station in town, it appears that we're all just going to have to find something else to fritter away the potentially productive hours at our semi-satisfying places of employment. I'm not here to get into all the details of why CBS radio has chosen to end things this way, if you want that fact-finding "journalism" stuff, then read this. But, for anyone who has been listening this afternoon, it sounds like Leykis' refusal to take a pay cut had at least something to do with it according to KLSX jock Frank Kramer.

But I'm not writing this as a journalist. I'm writing this as as a guy who barely got a chance to fall in love with KLSX just three short years ago on a fateful drive home after my iPod crapped out on me and I was forced to turn to the radio for a distraction. I heard one hour of the Tom Leykis Show and I haven't turned my iPod on in the car ever since. I have to say that despite the gloom and despair that I feel as a dedicated listener, the gratitude I feel for the years I got to enjoy Adam Carolla, Danny Bonaduce, Frosty Heidi and Frank (Frank Army!), Tom Leykis, Tim Conway Jr. (you're a big stud) and John and Jeff out-weighs my sorrow...just a little bit. I listened to all of you guys and it's hard to imagine turning to 97.1 FM and hearing anything but Heidi's annoying cackle, Frosty's corny keyboard lines, or the live-saving advice of Leykis 101.

It's good to know that at least the fans got a little notice about the swtich over and the jocks get to give us a last hurrah behind the mic. I firmly intend to tune in to the last hours of the greatest Southern California radio station with beer in hand as The Professor takes us all out old-school style.

*for FHF fans, make sure to check out their website at www.frostyheidiandfrank.com after their show at 2 p.m.


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