Correction... Lala: Where music played
Correction... Lala: Where music played

A Sad Day For Internet Streaming: Day After the Death of Lala

It's not like demise of ultra popular music streaming site

 is shocking to anyone who actually used it. You've had plenty of time to prepare, although, of course, that doesn't make it suck any less. 

Many of you have been counting down the days since 

last month's warnings

 of its official shut down right up until yesterday, May 31. We hope you got your last Labor Day downloads in. 

Even though we're sure that the overlords of Apple (who bought the company in Dec. 2009) will unveil some shiny, updated version of their former competitor, right now it we can't help but mourn the death of Lala land. Typically, Tuesdays were spent surfing and streaming away on this cloud-based site for our next Record Review. Occasionally, we'd partake in a few dirt-cheap  89-cent downloads, a relief from the overpriced tyranny of iTunes. Alas, we though we'd take this time to let anyone who feels like venting (if there's anything left to vent) about Lala going the way of the Dodo, feel free. Even if you end up sounding like the guy below.


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