A pocket-full of SXSW videos

Okay, so another SXSW festival has come and gone. You weren't there, we weren't there...boo-hoo. But it's time's like these where we bow and thank the Lord for You-Tube. I'm not sure whether it was boredom or sheer curiosity that led me to reexamine a previous post I made about OC and LB bands heading to Austin this month, but I decided to check out the list again and see if I could dig up any videos. Obviously I didn't get them all, maybe that's just because well, we're dealing with musicians here. A lot of their live videos from the festival probably won't get posted until summer time (yeesh!). However, performance footage (some more brief than others...Audacity!) are readily available on the 'Tube, but instead of wasting your time searching, we've made some readily available for you here. Don't ever say Heard Mentality never did anything nice for you.

If one of you out there actually went to SXSW this year and you have recorded proof...let us know.

Oh look, here's one! (More after the jump)

Audacity performance

Crystal Antlers performance


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