A mysterious new creature: La Chupacabra...Records

Last week it was brought to my attention by a member of The Living Suns that we have a budding record label in our midst. Though, in this case it seems the creators of La Chupacabra Records (Kyle Schuster,Tyler Jacobs and Alexander Ahmadi) have a lot more going for them at the outset than most aspiring scenesters looking to carve out a niche in the music business. By that I mean that most (ok, all) of the bands they are churning out albums, splits vinyls and EPs for are names you already know and love.

Those being: The Living Suns, The Growlers, Gestapo Khazi, My Pet Saddle and Audacity. According to the stats on their yet-to-be renovated Myspace (like I said, they're really new) it looks like La Chupacabra has plans to release a handful of 7" splits in July with the bands I just mentioned. And with a couple local shows already bearing their moniker in the next few days, it looks like the label is getting off the ground at a steady pace. If nothing else, it should supply a loose indie banner to unite a small community of bands on the come-up, and I can respect that. For more info (but not much) check out their Myspace  page and keep your ears peeled. More on this mysterious label as it develops.


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