A good day to own a record player: Marvin Gaye's 70th Birthday

With only minutes to go until the afternoon sun leaks through my bedroom windows, I should probably be doing something productive like getting ready for work, finishing up an article or at least mowing the lawn or something. But I'm not, it's my day off. And luckily, it couldn't have come at a better time.

A few months ago, after some light pestering on my part, my aunt agreed to loan me her 1968 Fisher turntable covered in dust. It was one of the first things she bought when she moved to her house in Alhambra where she's lived for decades.

Since bringing it home, this thing has seen some major action as I drop the needle on it at least 2-3 albums a day when I have the time. But today, it's all about Marvin Gaye. Had he been alive today, he would have turned 70 years-old this morning. Somehow I've always found his birthday easy to remember. Probably because it is the day after his tragic death on April fools day, 1984. And as a self-proclaimed Motown music hound, there are some stats any respectable fan just has to know.

One thing I know right now is that I have every Marvin record I own lined up and ready to go for my thoroughly lazy day around the house. Right now I'm pretty much just hanging out here talking to you as the cymbal crash of Flyin' High (In the Friendly Sky) creeps through the cluttered corners of my work room and Gaye's soft falsetto travels in smoke rings out the back window. This is gonna be a good day. Thanks Marvin. Happy birthday.

One of the other things I think I might do is unearth my copy of the 2006 DVD "The Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981". If you've got a chance to check out the video excerpt below, I suggest you do. It's got some really great rare performances on there.


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