8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes
Rob Zombie

8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes

Halloween is that awesome time of year where you can be completely creepy and simultaneously showcase your musical obsessions with costumes that turn you into your favorite singers and band members. So forget the sexy nurse and boring pirate costumes. Why not make yourself into one of the guys from GWAR? Or a fuck-all punk rocker who has possibly returned from the dead? Who needs a pimp costume when you can mix it up with old school break dance moves and some Jheri Curl?

Need a guiding light on how to incorporate your favorite musicians into your Halloween alter ego? Read on:

8. Sid Vicious

This Brit from The Sex Pistols laid down the ground work for a whole generation of punks across the world, you can at least use your chump change to imitate him for one night. All you need is: one can of Lonestar or a bottle of Cossack Vodka to carry and consume, a can of black hair spray and hair gel to spike the locks, vintage leather jacket you don't care about (maybe stomp on it a few times in the dirt and cut it up with a razor blade), a chain with a padlock and a magic marker to write random shit on your shirtless bod. If you decide to cover up, it better be with a white wife-beater and, for kicks, add it to your list of items to toss around in the dirt and slash with razor blades, along with a pair of jeans you also don't care about. Don't forget that black studded belt buckle.

Scare Factor: 5-The name says enough and though his tragic end was more sad than scary, it's nice to know someone would bring it back to the roots and tell Parliament how they really feel.

Ozone (right) from Breakin'
Ozone (right) from Breakin'
MGM Pictures

7. Ozone from Breakin': I know some of you fellas have a fedora hat from last year's generic "pimp" costume. Mix it up and bring it back all at once with Ozone from the cult classic Breakin'. Throw in some black parachute pants or check out your local vintage digs for a pair...bonus points if you find them in iridescent purple with a "Wise Guy" label. Slick your locks back with some Jheri curl and add a loud button-up shirt--collar popped! Sport some black high-top Chuck Taylors for kicks, several puka shell necklaces and a couple leather bracelets. Don't forget the black motorcycle gloves! Oh and don't think you're gonna get away without bustin' a move for the entire night...start rehearsing now.

Scare Factor: 2-10...depends on how much you practiced your poppin' and lockin'.

6. Couples: June Carter and Johnny Cash

Who WOULDN'T want to be Johnny Cash? I don't want to meet the man who refuses. His trusty side-kick/wifey June Carter is pretty cute, too. Ladies, you like vintage? Search your local digs for any type of full swing dresses you can find. Bonus points if you find a plaid pattern. Dress it up with a leather belt buckle, some cowgirl boots and tease the tresses. Guys, there's a reason why Cash is known as "The Man in Black:" tight black tee shirt, black pants and belt buckle--that buckle better be big. Spray your hair black and smooth it back a bit. As long as you flash the bird a couple of times and bring on your best deep southern accent, you might be a dead-giveaway. Bonus points for guitar skills...Hint: "Ring of Fire" is a simple chord progression.

Scare Factor: 4--Despite their tumultous relationship, these guys are more cute than scary.

8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes
Timothy Norris

5. Lil Wayne I hope for your sake it's warm where you are for this one. Often shirtless and very tatted, attempting to dress like Lil Wayne requires you or a friend's magic marker expertise ...or just a bunch of temporary tattoos all over your face and bod. Find some form of a temporary silver grill, long dreadlocks and a red cap. Sag those jeans to the floor but keep the white boxers around your waistline. Sport a thuggish look on your mug and a lip ring to boot, presto!

Scare Factor: 7...what did he go to jail for, again?

8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes
Rob Zombie

4. Rob Zombie If the name isn't interesting enough, refer to his 1998 Hellbilly Deluxe album cover. If you have long locks, this venture will be no problem. Go the extra mile and dread a few up! If you don't, consider buying a green wig and spray paint some of those strands black. Find some form of white face paint along with black for those under-eye contours and be sure to include random cuts around your face. If you can find yellow contacts for your peepers, do it! Sport a black leather trench coat and top it off with an angry possessed face the entire night. Don't forget that signature goatee and to intertwine conversations about classic horror flicks.

Scare factor: 8...Don't know about you, but the Hellbilly Deluxe album cover gave me nightmares when I was a kid.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot at Knotfest
Corey Taylor of Slipknot at Knotfest
Rachael Mattice

3. Corey Taylor from Slipknot...or any Slipknot member's mask: These guys are intended to look creepy. Any attempt at imitating any one of their masks will get you the scare you're looking for. Consider Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor's mask as a good start as it simply a modified Michael Myers mask with a black circle around the left eye. Cut out the eye holes a little larger than normal and paint black circles around your own eyes for a dramatic affect and sport some sort of orange jump suit. Boom: Slipknot version of Corey Taylor.

Scare Factor: 10... would you wanna see any of these guys creeping down a dark alleyway?

8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes

2. Michael Bishop's "Blothar" from GWAR Like something that crept out of a Neolithic warrior video game, Michael Bishop's GWAR character Blothar requires some creative craftsmanship, spray paint and pre-planning...big time. If you're reading this today, you're probably too late--unless you don't have a day job. Infamously known for their obscene showmanship of spewing "bodily fluids" along with nightmarish stage costumes, any character from GWAR would probably suffice if you and your buddies have the time and the grapes. This costume will scare the piss out of your girlfriend, boyfriend or any nine year-old you come in contact with. For your main materials regarding the face mask and body armor, consider soft foam rubber, PVC pipes, plastic chains, lots and lots of glue and a knack for design. Need assembly help? Google, folks.

Scare factor: 9...if you include "bodily fluids."

8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes
Photo by Ian Witlen

1. The Misfits bassist Jerry Only This concept is black and white, literally. Misfit bassist Jerry Only knows his way around heavy metal and punk like he knows his way around hair products: very skilled. Besides the tuneage, one resounding physical attribute that has stood out in this band's 25 year history is Only's "devillock." Until you sport this, you're just another faux "rockstar." If you don't have pitch black hair, a little can of black can go a long way. Forget hairspray unless you have an entire can to spare. Save the ozone one CFC molecule at a time and go for the hair gel instead. Gel will help the "devillock" stay longer. Complete his look with Black tight pants, black kicks, black studded leather vest--collar popped, black wrist band sweatbands. For your face, you will need white and black face makeup to apply all around, save the black for under the eyes

Scare factor: 8...try not to poke an eye out with that lock.

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