50 Cent, Fall Out Boy, to Headline Bamboozle Left

50 Cent, Fall Out Boy, to Headline Bamboozle Left

We talked about the Bamboozle Left lineup a couple of weeks ago, but something seemed to be missing--namely, headliners.

It's a situation that's been remedied through an announcement via Live Nation today: We've got Fall Out Boy (pictured) on Saturday, April 4, and 50 Cent on Sunday, April 5. FOB makes perfect sense, natch, and fits in right with the rest of the lineup (The Used, The Get Up Kids, The Bled, etc.). Plus, they're headlining the east coast version, too (along with No Doubt--hey, why aren't they playing here?). 50 Cent is obviously a more esoteric choice, but one that Bamboozle organizer John D'Esposito defends (not that he needs to, come on, it's 50! He's got money! Money is got!) over on MTV's site:

"We plan to cross over and do the unexpected every year; it's now become our philosophy," D'Esposito told MTV News in an e-mail. "Rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, it's all the same. It's music. So we reached out to 50's agent with this crazy idea, [and] she was so supportive that we knew it was worth the motion. They asked us who was on the bill, and really didn't recognize some of the names like All Time Low, Suicide Silence and All the Day Holiday, but [they] did like the opportunity to get in front 20,000 kids singing along to every one of his hits."

Bambooze Left takes place April 4 and 5 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.


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