420 Art Show Up In Smoke

420 Art Show Up In Smoke

This is what we get for running with a press release about an art show with the word "chronic" in the title.

Last week we received an e-mail from a gentleman named Sergio Sandoval associated with skate, surf and smoke-lifestyle company, Long Beach Chronic. The impresario was promoting a 420 event featuring works by various artists including Opie Ortiz and former Rat Fink illustrator, The Pizz, among others. The theme was, take a guess-- weed--as visualized on a quintessential  southern California canvas--the skateboard deck. Sounded promising.

So naturally, after checking their website and speaking with Sandoval, we decided to write a brief Calendar pick advancing the event which will run in Thursday's issue. We also entered the event into our online listings. The problem was the host of the event, Lyon Art Supply in Long Beach wasn't, forgive the pun, on board.

"It's definitely not happening. They (Long Beach Chronic) never confirmed anything with us. They never followed any of the steps including communicating," said store manager Art Martinez.

According to Martinez, he was approached by Sandoval weeks ago. "He mentioned wanting to have a skate deck art show on 4-20," Martinez said.

But according to Martinez, in order for an event such as Sandoval was suggesting  to take place, a permit needs to be granted by the city, a process which takes 10 days. " I said send me a proposal. After that point I received no communication." Martinez said it was last weekend when he returned from his honeymoon and he saw a half-page ad on his desk promoting the event at Lyons art gallery with the wrong address. Oops. The show was immeditely called off Martinez said. "We wouldn't be interested in doing a pot show. We never would have said yes."

Interestingly enough, Mr. Sandoval didn't notify us of this fact. Instead, today the Long Beach Chronic website reads, "Long Beach Chronic is posting a full retraction to it's media release regarding the April 20th Art Gallery Opening titled "A Chronic State" that was to be held at Lyon's Art Supply. We greatly apologize to any and all parties that feel that they and or their business's have been hurt maligned or damaged by this media release."

Though Sandoval  was easily accesible when the event seemed to be in effect, his voicemail is suddenly unable to receive messages. Go figure.


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