2 Live Crew At Fullerton Tonight; Relive Ties With SC Nominee Kagan

2 Live Crew At Fullerton Tonight; Relive Ties With SC Nominee Kagan

Maybe it's not that weird, but 2 Live Crew is still around. They're performing tonight at an industry showcase produced by The Entertainment Lab, so you must get there early to get in--space is very limited. Doors open at 9 p.m.

This should be interesting; when I was 12 listening to Nasty as They Wanna Be on my sister's gigantic boom box was the height of rebellion in my family.

After more Googling, though, I've discovered that 2 Live Crew is more recently relevant than I remember. If you remember, 1989 was a big year for the group. That was the year that now-Supreme Court nominee Solicitor General Elena Kagan defended the album, which spawned the ear worm "Me So Horny,"  against obscenity charges and helped overturn a ban on it. (She said it had "undoubted artistic value.")

Kagan wrote a brief filed on behalf of the band, saying the album "does not physically excite anyone who hears it, much less arouse a shameful and morbid sexual response.

Not only does 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell write for our sister publication Miami New Times, he has voiced his support of Kagan in his column . Calling her "my homegirl," Campbell said "Kagan is not going to let any person or group tell her what is right or wrong. Kagan will judge each case based on the law of the land. She has demonstrated she can protect the Constitution by doing the fine work she did to protect 2 Live Crew's freedom of speech."

The AP says that Kagan is poised for Supreme Court confirmation before the August recess.


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