1989 Calling

Nine Inch Nails and the original lineup of Jane's Addiction are touring this year. What are the odds that Bush I gets back in office and the Menendez brothers get adopted by a new family just so they can kill them too?

In all seriousness, I've never quite understood the appeal of either band. I saw NIN once. It was about three years ago and my best friend from high school was playing guitar. The show was better than I thought it would be and it made me wonder why Trent Reznor relies so heavily on computers for this studio recordings when the live full band set-up was kicking some serious ass. Anytime I've ever heard a NIN song, I get this feeling that I'd like it a bunch more without the disco beat.

Reznor is saying he's putting NIN on hiatus after this tour, so if purple lipstick and dudes in black leather capes are your thing, you'd better get on this pronto.

And Jane's Addiction? Call me crazy, but I've never figured out why we are supposed to still care about these guys. Perhaps I might have something to relate to if I wasn't in the first decade of my life when these guys were first around, but Jane's Addiction has always reaked (to me) of "you had to be there" type of band. It doesn't hold up for my ears and I assume those who claim they are the best alterna-whatever band of the 80s has never heard anything on SST. When I listen to Jane's Addiction now, I hear a Sunset Strip cock rock band with fancy hairdos and grandiose chesthair machismo.

But to be fair, Dave Navarro seems to get any girl he wants and there's no way I can hate him for that.


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