12 Goth and Punk Songs to Get Your Halloween Party Started


Its prime Halloween party season and you know what that means; having to hear the same basic Halloween songs at every 99 Cent Store cob-web drenched house party you attend from San Clemente to Yorba Linda. For music fans and Halloween enthusiasts who are still embarrassed by their drunk friends attempts at reciting predictably bad lyrics and synchronized zombie moon walks last year (aka ME), here are 13 punk and goth jams fit to pump up your old playlist and please any die hard Halloween queen. Grab the 24 pack of Pabst and call an Uber, because these 13 spooky goth and punk Halloween jams are ready to get your party started.

Ministry: Every Day is Halloween

Electro-goth legends Ministry wrote many classics, but none as perfect for Halloween festivities as "Everyday is Halloween." Fast forward to the Goth DJ scratch interlude if you need further evidence.

Lydia Lunch: Spooky

Lydia Lunch put her spin on the groovy Halloween staple "Spooky." Pretty true to the original, but now with 100% more Lydia Lunch!

Prayers: Gothic Summer

Since its been 90+ degrees nearly every day this October, there's a good chance you'll spend Halloween at a pool party. A club banger like Gothic Summer can perfectly bridge your fall fantasies with Southern California reality. San Diego based cholo-goth-killwave band PRAYERS is probably the freshest thing to happen to dark music in the last 10 years, don't sleep on a chance to play this (and their entire catalog) before hipsters Columbus these guys at Beach Goth later this month.

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