100.3 The Sound Responds to Indie 103.1's Departure

People from all over are reacting to the departure of Indie 103.1 from southern California airwaves, including the folks over at Bonneville-owned, LA-based triple-A station 100.3 The Sound, who sent these words over from their general manager and program director:

"We have always had respect for Indie's stance on music and the overall independent feel of the radio station. In a sense we too have tried to foster that spirit of independence at "The Sound" by playing a wide diverse musical playlist much like Indie was able to accomplish in a different way. In L.A. though there is only so much you can do with a limited signal. This is an unfortunate day for the creative end of our business."--Peter Burton, general manager.

"This is a sad day for FM radio.  The Sound's music may be a little different, but we'll try our best to keep that same spirit alive."--Dave Beasing, program director.

But don't let radio professionals have all the fun--be sure and let us know your thoughts about Indie 103.1 leaving the airwaves.


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