10 Underappreciated Female Musicians

10 Underappreciated Female Musicians

Music history is filled with talented, obscure female geniuses who will never get the credit they deserve. That much is a given. But even for well known artists who manage to break out of that obscurity, people tend to forget or completely ignore the things they've accomplished both on and off stage that have broken the mold assigned to them in pop culture or made them a force of change in their genre. Whether we're talking about jazz singers, punk queens or blues royalty, the brilliance of these women surpasses whatever chart topping hit or momentary glory given to them by the mainstream. Here are 10 of our favorite underappreciated female musicians.

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10.Mandy Moore

Remember Mandy Moore? That girl you wrote off as a pop princess from the early '00s? She had a slew of TRL hits like "Candy" and starred in lukewarm block busters like the

Princess Diaries

and a few indie movies (


) and cutesy animated voice over stuff like Disney's


. But no one remembers her album

Wild Hope

, probably the best thing she's ever put out. Moore switched in labels in 2007, jumping from Epic to her own imprint label, The Firm Music . She wrote the album with the help of The Weepies and Lori McKenna. It was not well received among people who were used to the pop princess and her cute pop songs. But the wife of Ryan Adams defiantly breaks that mold with songs like "Extraordinary" and "Nothing That You Are."

9. Meg White

Despite the fact that she has pretty much been in hiding since her

departure from the White Stripes

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, Meg White is one of the most recognizable female drummers for the millennial generation. Although she has become a recluse her contribution to the White Stripes will never be forgotten. White not only was in one of the most prolific bands to come along in the 2000's but she also set a precedent that you can be in a two person band and rule that shit like no other. Where did you go, Meg?

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