10 Reasons You Need to Go to Ink-N-Iron

Whether it's music, cars, tattoos or burlesque you're looking for, Ink-N-Iron promises to deliver in Long Beach this weekend aboard the Queen Mary for the last time before the festival pulls anchor and sails to Nashville. In case you've never been and still don't understand what all the buzz is about, allow us give you 10 reasons why you be out there with the rest of the punks, pinups, outlaws and rockabillies to see this fest off into the sunset.

10. It's on a boat. How crazy is it to have a tattoo convention on a boat? So what it's dry-docked, it's still pretty sweet. Of course, it's not just any boat, it's a boat with a lot of awesome history. The Lonely Island would be proud.

9. You'll temporarily become a tattoo snob. This is for all those times when your friend gets a tattoo and you're not sure if you should tell them that it's not a very good tattoo because they like it so much. At tattoo conventions, you'll see so many good tattoos (and some bad ones), that you won't have any problem picking out the differences between 1,000 traditional rose tattoos that are better than the one above your aunt's knee surgery scar.

8. Tattoos are (sometimes) sexy. If you've ever scrolled through a tattoo website/blog/social media profile and become enamored by all of the pretty people and their amazing tattoos, Ink-N-Iron will be providing plenty of that. Sure, there'll be some bad tattoos on unattractive people also, but it'll be much better odds than you'd see at most concerts, public gatherings, or Disneyland.

7. You never know who you'll see. Whether it's a friend you haven't seen in years, a famous (on industry standards) tattooer, or the singer from your favorite band, there's a good chance you'll unexpectedly run into someone you know at Ink-N-Iron. When that much tattooing talent is gathered in one place (particularly so close to LA), all kinds of people are going to come out to get some work done by their favorite artists.

6. It's cheaper than most big concerts. When's the last time you were able to see an entire festival loaded with bands like Pennywise, Killswitch Engage and Nekromantix for under $50 a day? It's pretty rare, and that doesn't even include all of the other festivities that will be going on around the grounds. Don't forget, it's also cheaper if you get tattooed at the convention.

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