10 Reasons the Misfits are Still Relevant

10 Reasons the Misfits are Still Relevant

So what they only have one original member left? The Misfits are still one of the most important punk bands of all time, and they're at the Observatory for three nights this weekend.

Before you go check them out, here are 10 reasons the Misfits are still relevant.

10. They created the devilock. Jerry Only is the lone remaining original Misfit, but he's also the one who created the band's iconic hairstyle. Since the Misfits gained popularity over three decades ago, punks, goths, and various other black-clad aesthetically rebellious rockers have pulled their hair to a point in front of their faces, and it's all because of Only. Is it for everyone? Of course not, but it's a beloved statement by those who wear it.

9. A ridiculous amount of bands have covered them.

You don't like the Misfits? That's unfortunate, because if you like any other rock bands, they've probably played at least a song or two by the legendary punk group. Everyone from Metallica and Jawbreaker to Guns 'n' Roses and Green Day have put their own spins on Misfits songs. If it's good enough for them, maybe it should be good enough for you.

8. It took them almost two decades to release Static Age. Outside of Chinese Democracy (and Dr. Dre's Detox, if we're counting the hip-hop world), few albums experienced the delay that Static Age did. The album was recorded in 1978 (before the band became known through records like Walk Among Us) but not released until 1997 (after the band reunited). Many fans would argue that it's one of their best albums, and one can only speculate how it could've helped blow up their career if it'd been released as their debut.

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