10 Reasons Deftones Remain Relevant

After over two decades, these guys are still making music, and here's why they matter.
After over two decades, these guys are still making music, and here's why they matter.

The 21st century proved a tough battlefield for many '90s alt-metal and nu-metal bands. Corpses of deceased and irrelevant nu-metal bands line the depths of Internet radio (and the side stages at many music festivals looking to draw crowds in their 30s and 40s), but a few bands are still going strong from the time period.

Among those brave few is Sacramento-based five-piece Deftones, who happen to be rolling through Orange County for a sold out show on Friday. There's no question that the band that started in 1988 still remains relevant today. Here are 10 reasons why.

10. They didn't switch members.

Outside of bassist Chi Cheng's coma and death, Deftones have used the exact same personnel since they started in the late '80s. With so many nu-metal bands getting rid of expendable parts and focusing the band around one or two original members, it's nice to see a band that's actually played together since day one.

9. They're understandably angry. So many nu-metal (and other metal) bands always sound like they're yelling at you for no particular reason. Deftones never seemed quite as inexplicably angry as many of their counterparts, and vocalist Chino Moreno always did a great job with the melodic singing parts between the aggressive breakdowns. When Moreno's screaming, you know it's something worth screaming about.

8. "Cool people" were never their main audience. It's pretty rare that you hear some bros talking about Deftones these days. Maybe there were some back in the '90s, but Deftones has never seemed like a band who wants to capture the mainstream partying demographic. Nerds, outcasts, and loners are much more likely to support a band for over two decades, and Deftones are certainly living proof of that. When you think about it, it could mean that the next generation of hipsters will all be walking around in Deftones shirts.

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