10 Best Songs About Drinking

You already know this guy's got some great drinking songs.
You already know this guy's got some great drinking songs.
David Hall

There's a fine line between "drinking songs" and "songs about drinking." The first is the type of song that makes you want to drink more, while the second is simply someone telling you about their drinking.

Everybody's got their own favorite drinking songs, so there's no point in even attempting to list those. Here are 10 of our favorite songs to drink to that are about boozing and aren't country music (since most country is either about booze, religion, women, or some combination of the three).

10. "Like a G6" - Far East Movement

For a brief period of time, Far East Movement appeared poised to take over the coveted party anthem throne. Unfortunately, they failed to follow their smash hit with much of anything, and got written off rather quickly when LMFAO rose to party rocking prominence. That doesn't stop "Like a G6" from being one of the most tolerable infectious pop songs ever centered around drinking (and generally partying). We've all been there when sober girls around us be actin' like they drunk, and bonus points for anyone who had to explain to someone older than them what sizzurp was.

9. "Swimming Pools (Drank)" - Kendrick Lamar

There's only one rapper in the game right now who can artfully describe the process of getting absolutely hammered, and it's definitely Kendrick. When he's not rhyming over Janet Jackson samples or telling people not to kill his vibe on good kid, m.A.A.d city, Kendrick spends some of his time explaining the value of having a lot of liquor (swimming pools full, for that matter). He actually does such a good job discussing the effects and reasons for alcohol that there's an entire verse in which his conscience is talking to him. If you've never been so drunk that your conscience is talking to you, you really haven't lived yet.

8. "40oz. to Freedom" - Sublime

"40oz. to Freedom" isn't a great song, but if it was, it would probably be at the top of this list. It's definitely not the best Sublime song (or anywhere close to it), but it is their best song centered around alcohol, even if it's of the malt liquor variety. Actually, part of the appeal to this song is the honesty, because while drinking an entire 40 will free you of the problems you have, it probably won't leave you feeling that great. There are no delusions of drinking being a fun thing here, it's the real-life implications of going to the liquor store and picking up some cheap booze to make the world a slightly less awful place.

7. "I'm Dying Tomorrow" - Alkaline Trio

There are a lot of Alkaline Trio songs about drinking, but this cut off of From Here to Infirmary is definitely one of their best. We've all had those drunken nights where you wonder if you're doing things right in life. "I'm Dying Tomorrow" isn't necessarily about facing death within the next 24 hours, it's about whether you had the best time you possibly could while you were alive, including by consuming plenty of alcohol. It might not be the most cheerful song about drinking, but it's more about drunk introspection than depression.

6. "Brass Monkey" - Beastie Boys

In the event you've never actually had a brass monkey, you definitely had a different college experience than we did. You obviously know the Beastie Boys song (at least, we hope you know the Beastie Boys song), but could you actually make a brass monkey? It's pretty simple. Start with orange juice, and then add pretty much any alcohol you have. The standard recipe calls for vodka and rum, but you can mix just about anything else into it too and still call it a brass monkey. The song is one of the most relevant hip-hop songs of all time, so we figured it was more important to explain the alcoholic element to clarify.

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