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She Built the Canon She Built the Canon
Peggy Guggenheim speaks for herself in an illuminating doc
, November 05, 2015
In the current noble vogue of admirable female figures in documentaries, now comes Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict by Lisa Immordino Vreeland.... More>>
Get Me Rewrite! Get Me Rewrite!
Trumbo honors a blacklisted screenwriter with drama he would have cut
, November 05, 2015
Bryan Cranston parades through Trumbo, a wiki-pageant of shorthand history, as if he's a costumed kid playing Actor Bryan Cranston at a Disney... More>>
Out 1, Outwatch, Outlast Out 1, Outwatch, Outlast
Rivette's all-day epic is finally revealed
, November 05, 2015
Like a sleeping giant we've only heard rumors about or a Tristero conspiracy haunting our peripheral vision, Jacques Rivette's New Wave Gargantua... More>>
That Public Fantasy That Public Fantasy
Jenni Olson navigates the history and cinema of California's El Camino Real
, October 29, 2015
Suffused with melancholy, longing and chagrin, Jenni Olson's supple cine-essay The Royal Road is, above all, a film against forgetting. In its... More>>
This Machine Sells Fascists This Machine Sells Fascists
Sandra Bullock embraces the political dark side
, October 29, 2015
David Gordon Green's Our Brand Is Crisis is a horror film wrapped in fast-talking political comedy. Watching Sandra Bullock, as ruthless campaign... More>>
The Beekeeper's Daughter The Beekeeper's Daughter
Old ways meet the new reality in the wondrous The Wonders
, October 29, 2015
Bees are such tiny, seemingly inconsequential creatures, yet milligram for milligram, they affect the landscape in profound ways. You could say... More>>
No Sizzle No Sizzle
Restaurant drama Burnt is dead on the plate
, October 29, 2015
Before Anthony Bourdain published Kitchen Confidential, in 2000, mere mortals who simply eat in restaurants had little idea about the drinking,... More>>
The Wiig Fits The Wiig Fits
Nasty Baby finds the comic star playing serious without shrinking
, October 22, 2015
Thirty-six-year-old Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva, the writer/director and star of the comedy Nasty Baby, is himself an enfant... More>>
Life After Laughs Life After Laughs
In I Smile Back, Sarah Silverman succeeds beyond comedy
, October 22, 2015
Comedy isn't the champagne of bottled beers; it's Champagne, period, a delicate and perfect achievement in itself when it works. That's why it's... More>>
Give Vin Diesel a Dungeons & Dragons Movie Already! Give Vin Diesel a Dungeons & Dragons Movie Already!
The Last Witch Hunter: Reviewed, somewhat warmly
, October 22, 2015
Critics lampoon him as a fast/furious lug nut, a hunk of well-oiled meat who doesn't so much act as ka-thunk his face and body through its... More>>
The Worst Man on TV: Does The Affair Want Us to Detest Noah? The Worst Man on TV: Does The Affair Want Us to Detest Noah?
, October 22, 2015
           In his 2014 book Difficult Men, journalist Brett Martin identifies bad-boy antiheroes as the defining... More>>
Don't Worry, She's No Radical! Don't Worry, She's No Radical!
Suffragette would rather show women suffering than building bombs
, October 22, 2015
Political drama has long been shaped by what we can call the conversion narrative. In a play like One Third of a Nation, one of the Living... More>>
The Spielberg Detente: Has the Inventor of the Blockbuster Outgrown Violence? The Spielberg Detente: Has the Inventor of the Blockbuster Outgrown Violence?
, October 22, 2015
Sure, you can blame the aliens, the gophers, the monkeys and the fridge. But even without all those, 2008's Indiana Jones and the Harrumphing of... More>>
Desert Solitaire Desert Solitaire
Afghan war comedy Rock the Kasbah is pretty much just Bill Murray in Kabul
, October 22, 2015
Quick! Name the movie where Bill Murray plays a proudly shabby dude who acts like a prick for an hour and then, for reasons of narrative... More>>
Del Torodrama Del Torodrama
Lush and mad, Crimson Peak just wasn't made for times like ours
, October 15, 2015
Mia Wasikowska is proof of reincarnation. The Australian actress must be possessed by the spirit of Lillian Gish. At 22—the same age that... More>>
Please Like Me Is the Gay Comedy About Millennials and Mental Illness You Didn’t Know You Needed Please Like Me Is the Gay Comedy About Millennials and Mental Illness You Didn’t Know You Needed
, October 15, 2015
                  Twenty-year-old Josh's (Josh Thomas) world explodes twice in the Please Like Me... More>>
Cold War on Terror Cold War on Terror
Spielberg's Bridge of Spies finds murk in everyone's moral certainty.
, October 15, 2015
Steven Spielberg's true-story Cold War procedural Bridge of Spies has a wintry chill. The colors are gray and green, the skin tones pale as... More>>
The Books That Wouldn't Die The Books That Wouldn't Die
Goosebumps honors the vigorous fun of R.L. Stine—for a while
, October 15, 2015
Here's a scary story for you. Somewhere in Hollywood, a cabal of producers are forever zombie-ing up the corpses of long-dead licensed... More>>
Fall of the House of Rather Fall of the House of Rather
Truth traces the journalistic misdeeds that brought down an anchor rather than a Bush
, October 15, 2015
The most effective scene in James Vanderbilt's brisk, outraged Truth is one that will be familiar to anyone who has ever sat in a room where... More>>
Experimenter Makes Urgent Art Out of Milgram's Notorious Study Experimenter Makes Urgent Art Out of Milgram's Notorious Study
, October 15, 2015
Completing a trifecta of recent cinema (after Masters of Sex and The Stanford Prison Experiment) suddenly fascinated with the social-science lab... More>>
OC Film Fiesta Returns OC Film Fiesta Returns
The Frida Cinema hosts the latest round of the chingón film festival
, October 08, 2015
This year's annual OC Film Fiesta (OCFF) looks to be the best yet. It has punched up its amount of lost and overlooked classic and independent... More>>
'Survivor Shows How Republican Fearmongering Works': A Superfan Explains 'Survivor Shows How Republican Fearmongering Works': A Superfan Explains
, October 08, 2015
In the Golden Age of scripted television, reality TV is supposed to be dying, but you wouldn't know it from Survivor's tenacious... More>>
Don't Clap! Don't Clap!
If we're all quiet enough, maybe Pan and its fairies will die
, October 08, 2015
There's much to sadly shake your head at in Pan, a sort of Peter Pan Begins that manages the unlikely feat of making battles between flying... More>>
Where Docs Can't Follow Where Docs Can't Follow
In A Woman Like Me, the late Alex Sichel takes us to the edge of life
, October 08, 2015
The theorists tell us that stories are how we organize our understanding of our lives, that narrative structure guides us in assigning meaning to... More>>
The Man Is the Machines The Man Is the Machines
Steve Jobs digs at the heart of the Apple icon
, October 08, 2015
Aaron Sorkin opens up a new desktop icon with Steve Jobs, a briskly busy, talkative companion piece to the Newsroom and Moneyball writer's Mark... More>>
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