My Best Friend's Girl (R)

Drama 101 September 19, 2008
Befitting a Dane Cook vehicle, My Best Friend's Girl is relentlessly crass, which shouldn't bother anyone under 30 familiar with Cook's punch lines: He uses "cunt" as often as Henny Youngman punned. Tank (Cook) turns a profit meeting cute with girls, taking them on the worst dates ever, and then sending them back to their grateful fuck-up boyfriends. Trouble comes when roommate/lifelong friend Dustin (Jason Biggs, displaying none of neurotic namesake Hoffman's charm) strikes out with his infatuation Alexis (Kate Hudson) and asks Tank to do clean-up. Serial womanizer Tank and serial monogamist Alexis, predictably, hit it off. Needless complications ensue. Tank's whole shtick is taking advantage of stupid women's desire to live in banal romantic comedies, but the film he's in is just as bad as any other Hudson movie. Women are easily manipulated and probably skanks; guys need to either get laid or go home. The best thing in the whole mess is the Cars song—played in whole or part some four times. Stay at home and crank it sporadically over 100 minutes and you'll reap all the benefits.
Howard Deutch Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs, Lizzy Caplan Jordan Cahan Greg Lessans, Adam Herz, Josh Shader, Guymon Casady, Doug Johnson, Barry Katz Lionsgate


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