Camino (NR)

Action/Adventure 103 min. March 4, 2016
By Nick Schager
Exploitation cinema minus any sort of entertainingly extreme impulses, Camino affects a scuzzy ‘70s vibe -- most notably via a buzzing retro soundtrack -- that fails to enliven its lackluster action. Avery (Zoë Bell) is a war photographer who cares so little about accolades, she hangs her awards in her bathroom. Fleeing an unhappy situation with her husband, Avery takes a new assignment from her editor (Kevin Pollack) and heads off to Colombia, where she treks through the jungle alongside guerrilla leader Guillermo (Nacho Vigalondo, director of Timecrimes ) and his band of freedom fighters. Shortly thereafter, she snaps a photo of Guillermo killing a child who witnessed him making a drug deal, and he responds by tricking his comrades into hunting her down.

Unlike in his prior, grimier Bell collaboration Raze , director Josh C. Waller stages the ensuing game of cat-and-mouse in perpetual darkness and with little excitement or ingenuity. Though a shutterbug, Avery exhibits a preternatural gift for murderous self-defense, and while Bell remains a compelling action lead, her character -- like her adversaries -- is so devoid of personality or compelling motivation that her plight lacks urgency. With no socio-political subtext underscoring its kill-or-be-killed scenario, the film merely delivers tepid bloodshed and groan-worthy speechifying in equally dreary, unimaginative measure.
Josh C. Waller Zoe Bell, Nacho Vigalondo, Sheila Vand, Dominic Rains, Kevin Pollack Daniel Noah XLrator Media

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