Backseat (NR)

Comedy 80 April 11, 2008
By Jim Ridley
Ben (Rob Bogue) has no job and a sexpot girlfriend (Aubrey Dollar) who wants to see other people; Colton (Josh Alexander, who scripted) just blew his latest acting audition by baring his balls unbidden. This being a picaresque indie buddy-movie, they do what any two unemployed guys without money or women would do: hit the road for Montreal to meet Donald Sutherland, toting (unbeknownst to Ben) a cache of coke. Bruce Van Dusen’s 2005 comedy plots a meandering course due north without locating a word of truth—not the predigested riffing (including the old I’m-not-gay-I-just-like-Barbra-Streisand kneeslapper); not the seasoned stripper (Helen Coxe, hard-bitten and hot) who asks the hero to put his hands on her; not Ben’s Chow Yun-Fat sangfroid during the requisite gun-waving climax. But as a paranoid nerd and his mute text-messaging chum, Mark Rosenthal and Will Janowitz streak through the movie like off-brand bottle rockets. Alas for Backseat, their characters aren’t driving.
Bruce Van Dusen Josh Alexander, Starla Benford, William Bogert, Rob Bogue, Christopher Carley, Jeffrey Carlson, Helen Coxe, Glenn Daniels, Aubrey Dollar, Malcolm Goodwin Josh Alexander Terry Leonard Truly Indie

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