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  1. Culture

    Adult Coloring Books Are a Thing
    Color My Boobs, The Fetish Coloring Book and other titles for grown-ups who want to be kids
  2. Film

    Call This Bout!
    Boxing drama Southpaw pummels the audience
  3. Film

    Holiday Woe
    Vacation is back, but it's no pleasure trip
  4. Food

    Terra Mia Pizzeria Keeps the Pizza Faith
    This Laguna Hills restaurant offers awesome pizzas, subs and strombolis
  5. Film

    Not Another Lego Movie
    The Brickumentary has great pieces, but what have they built?
  6. Film

    Face From the Ashes
    Nina Hoss illuminates Phoenix
  7. Film

    The Challenge of Beauty
    Pedro Costa's Horse Money demands we see the forgotten
  8. Culture

    Piñata Bomb Makes Hipster Piñatas
    Ryann Linehan and Ryane Acalin make the cutest cat-shaped things for you to smash
  9. Film

    Not Worth Your Quarters
    Pixels pretends Adam Sandler's refusal to grow is heroic
  10. Food

    Tasty Sandwiches: The Last Bánh Mì Store?
    This Westminster restaurant sells the beloved sandwich, which ain't as popular anymore
  11. Columns

    Who Hates Mexicans More: Mexicans or Donald Trump?
    And are tacos with two tortillas authentic?
  12. Columns

    What's the Truth About Mexicans and Rape?
    Revisiting an old question to shut up Donald Trump once and for all
  13. Columns

    Should the U.S. Just Take Over Mexico Already?
    And why do Mexicans like to stuff themselves into pickup trucks?
  14. Culture

    Celebrating the work of Cuba's revolutionary photographer, Alberto Korda
  15. Film

    We Choose to Accept It
    Cruise's Mission: Impossible series gets street smart
  16. Culture

    Melissa Loschy's Crowns Are Fit for a Queen
    Loschy seeks to bring whimsical crowns back into the mainstream
  17. Food

    The Donuttery Is Surf City's Ultimate Sweet
    This Huntington Beach restaurant remains popular, even though the doughnut craze has faded
  18. Culture

    UCI's New Swan Shakespeare Festival Brings On the Bard
    Eli Simon erects a mini-Elizabethan on campus to truly bring out Shakespeare as he's meant to be performed
  19. Columns

    Why do Mexicans Like to Escape From Prison?
    And why do a lot of Mexicans look like Asians?