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  1. Film

    Worth Seeing
    In sly Norwegian puzzle-drama Blind you can't believe your eyes
  2. Food

    Sanaya Indian Cuisine Makes Irvine More Desi
    This Irvine restaurant serves Indian food that draws in office-park drones and leisurely diners alike
  3. Film

    A for Apocalypse
    The latest YA end-times drama dares not to play by the book
  4. Culture

    'Love West Coast' Is Straight Outta Misogyny
    DAX Gallery shows how low legendary hip-hop photographer Mike Miller can go
  5. Culture

    Rothick Art Haus Closes With a Hayao Miyazaki Tribute
    3tArts sends off the Anaheim art gallery with its usual pop greatness
  6. Food

    Emporio Sushi Serves Mexican Sushi
    This Orange restaurant serves seafood from the Mexican state of Sinaloa—and yes, that includes sushi
  7. Film

    Lily's Ride
    What could beat cruising with Grandma star Lily Tomlin?
  8. Film

    The Master
    Steve Jobs plays like a secret sequel to Going Clear
  9. Columns

    Does the U.S. Turn Smart Mexicans Into Stupid Americans?
    And buy a great new book about a Chicano beating cancer!
  10. Columns

    Dumb Duffer
    Maybe you should get a new sport?
  11. Columns

    Eight Chances to Stump the Mexicans, Eight Fails!
    Plus, On Mexicans and the military
  12. Columns

    Why Is Menudo the Food of the Gods?
    And do Mexican fathers spend more time with their children?
  13. Columns

    Why Don't Mexicans Show Off Mexico's 'Good' Immigrants?
    And what does chiva mean in street slang?
  14. Food

    El Patio Drive In #2 Returns!
    This Anaheim restaurant moves to a new spot but still sells its beloved Cal-Mex standards
  15. Film

    Meet the Other and Run
    There's no escaping No Escape's suspense—or its xenophobia
  16. Food

    Señor Pollo Peppers Its Chicken
    This Garden Grove restaurant serves awesome Peruvian food
  17. Culture

    Angelina Elise Southern Gonzo Gothic
    The Santa Ana artists depicts wacked-out scenarios on leatherwork