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  1. Film

    When Everyone's Guilty
    Labyrinth of Lies pits one prosecutor against the Holocaust
  2. Film

    Cruising Tehran
    Jafar Panahi's Taxi is revelatory, of course—but also a great ride
  3. Food

    Kopan Brings Ramen Respectability
    This Fullerton restaurant is at the forefront of a new wave of Japanese restaurants entering town
  4. Film

    OC Film Fiesta Returns
    The Frida Cinema hosts the latest round of the chingón film festival
  5. Film

    The Piss-Bright Blast of the Falsest of Suns
    Five thoughts on Stonewall's horribleness
  6. Culture

    Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery Offers Live-Figure Cosplay Drawing
    Forget nudes! Learn how to draw Dr. Who, Catwoman and others at these wildly popular classes
  7. Film

    The Man Is the Machines
    Steve Jobs digs at the heart of the Apple icon
  8. Film

    Don't Clap!
    If we're all quiet enough, maybe Pan and its fairies will die
  9. Culture

    An American In Malta
    Dave Barton sends dispatches from his residency in the Mediterranean
  10. Food

    Hot Dog Gods
    This San Juan Capistrano restaurant makes an awesome hot dog bowl—with tater tots!
  11. Columns

    What's the History of Carne al Pastor?
    And what about the history of El Camino Real?
  12. Columns

    Why Do Mexican Guys Dress Like Rodeo Clowns?
    And why do Mexicans like to leave gum EVERYWHERE?
  13. Food

    Genie Den Shawarmas While It Can
    This Middle Eastern restaurant in Garden Grove makes great food in a shopping plaza that'll probably close
  14. Columns

    Should Mexicans Be Afraid of Donald Trump?
    And how are Mexicans like shit?
  15. Columns

    Does Mexico Offer Illegal Immigrants Free Welfare?
    And do Mexicans care about poor Mexicans?
  16. Film

    Life Finds a Way
    Damon's got more spirit in him than The Martian itself does
  17. Film

    Into Thin Air
    Zemeckis' The Walk finds joy and awe in the greatest of voids
  18. Culture

    One Man, Two Guvnors Is South Coast Rep's Latest Triumph
    David Ivers directs a delightful romp equal parts Marx Brothers and early-1960s England
  19. Columns

    My Mexican Boyfriend Acts Like a Crybaby. Is That Normal?
    And what's the Mexican Catholic tradition of giving bolo at a baptism about?