The Slugger: Mark Trumbo Burlesque Boss: Yadi Hurtado Our Dean of Bread: Dean Kim
King of the Vapes: Kevin Drake Laguna's Greeter: Michael Minutoli Doyenne of Doge: Masako Yamamoto
Activist With an Agenda: Stephan "Bax" Baxter Professor Mortuary: Glenn Bower Hijo of the All-American City: Sergio Contreras
He Wants to Believe: Michael Dennin The Youth Imam: Jamaal Diwan Blogging Badass: Kevin Drum
Powered By Pizza: Ari Ebneyousef The Queen of OC Music Awards: Ashley Eckenweiler LEAP of Faith: Diane Goldstein
Santa Ana's Two Jeffs: Jeff D. Hall and Jeff Jensen Hurd Is the Word: Trude Hurd Sing a Scholar's Song: Maria Lazarova
Guardian of the Doll Hut: Michael "Mac" McGarvey Rule of Two: Rafael and Guilherme Mendes The Evidence Whisperer: Larry Montgomery
La Mezcalera: Cecilia Ríos Murrieta Found in Fullerton: Corky Nepomuneco Taking a Chance: Oanh Nguyen
Just Sevenly: Dale Partridge Urban Curator: Tyson Pruong V Is for LGBT Viets: Hieu Nguyen and Joee Truong
Mujer en Movimiento: Ana Siria Urzua Wheelin' Towards Fame: Jason Whipple Z-Man: Todd Zalkins


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