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Yogis Teriyaki House

1108 Irvine Blvd. Tustin, CA 92780 | Tustin | 714-731-8876

Location Description:

Yogis Teriyaki House is a Japanese restaurant in Tustin. Service is blindingly fast and to order because the menu is simple: bowls, plates, plus a couple of appetizers, with chicken, shrimp, beef and veggies being the only options. The rice breaks off into concave chunks that slip nicely onto forks; the chicken and beef get sliced and charred into perfect nubs. A small order is a large; a large can feed a cubicle team. Of special note is the house-made teriyaki sauce, a bit stronger on the ginger, stickier and sweeter. The only qualms I have with Yogis is the choice of Tabasco over Tapatío and the lack of horchata to wash everything down, but it doesn’t matter: the majority of eaters are Mexicans and other working-class folks, all drawn to as simplistically beautiful a meal imaginable.

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