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Tito’s La Familia

1948 N. Tustin St. Orange, CA 92865 | Orange | 714-602-9831

Location Description:

Tito’s tacos al vapor are perfect—the refried-beans one tastes like a Sunday morning before church, the carne asada nearly turns into a pâté. It sells combo plates of other Mexican standards—gooey enchiladas, finely fried chile rellenos, weekend menudo—and even other tacos, but those entrées merely guarantee the rent. What’s a taco al vapor? As the Spanish suggests, these are steamed tacos: tortilla cooked on the comal just enough to make it pliable, then stuffed with only certain ingredients—usually potatoes, refried beans, cabeza, carne asada or chicken—that lend themselves well to the slow-and-low style of cooking. The ingredients slowly turn almost gelatinous, while the tortilla plumps up and achieves an orange sheen from absorbing the salsa-spiked ingredients.

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