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The Woods

120 W. Wilshire Ave., A Fullerton, CA 92832 | Fullerton | 714-278-1746

Location Description:

The Woods is a bar in Fullerton that serves American cuisine. Imagine a long, narrow room the width of three bowling lanes, lit dimly--not for romance or mood, but because to have it any brighter would be a buzz kill. There's a digital jukebox and plenty of standing room for when it gets crowded. Before a certain hour, the Woods would be the kind of place you slink into after work, have a quiet pint at the counter, munch on a few complimentary pretzels, and then go home to the wife. Closer to midnight, the bar becomes another in a constellation of downtown Fullerton watering holes people stumble into mid-crawl. Since it's new, it's still a couple of years away from being labeled a dive, but aside from the life-size mural of a leafy forest, it already has all the chromosomes to be a good, no-nonsense neighborhood tavern. Know that you will be tempted to consume a lot of deep-fried food. Most people start with the Buffalo wings, and they aren't unlike every bar Buffalo wing you've ever had, soaked in the same piquant hot sauce every other place uses--which is to say they're neither bad nor memorable. There are no surprises with the rest of the appetizers: onion rings, jalapeño poppers, fried zucchini and tater tots. If you're thinking about ordering at least two out of the four, you might as well opt for the sampler, which features all of them alongside some of those wings on a gigantic oblong platter that somehow makes you very conscious of how much fried food you just ordered at once.

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  • Cuisine(s): American, Bar Food
  • Hours: Sun, Sat 10am-2am, Mon-Fri 11am-2am
  • Price: $$

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