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Tasty Garden

15315 Culver Dr., Ste. 140 Irvine, CA 92604 | Irvine | 949-786-8000

Location Description:

Tasty Garden is a Chinese restaurant in Irvine. You can slurp on turtle soup, eat a Caesar salad, twirl a forkful of spaghetti, then chase it with honey-glazed walnut shrimp and a stir-fry of bitter melon, then wash it all down with a smoothie. When you sit down, you’re given two menus: one pink, the other red. And on these spiral bound pages, expertly laid out and splashed with food glamour shots, are about 200 things you never knew one kitchen could cook without teleportation devices to other restaurants and a chef who’s a little crazy in the head. Tasty Garden is a mini-chain of Hong Kong-style cafés that has become one of the most popular and successful of its genre in San Gabriel Valley (there’s also one in Little Saigon). The defining specialty of a Hong Kong-style café, or cha chaan teng (literally “tea restaurant”), like Tasty Garden is that it doesn’t have one. Western food (or rather the Eastern idea of Western food) such as a club sandwich and baked salmon with buttered corn and onion rings can be ordered in the same breath as the kung pao chicken. That and it's open late, which makes cha chaan tengs the Chinese equivalent of an American diner, where coffee along with something comforting and greasy can be ordered just before you turn in for the night.

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    When I tell you the new Tasty Garden in Irvine has everything, I mean it. You can slurp on turtle soup, eat a Caesar salad, twirl a forkful of spaghetti, chase it with honey-glazed walnut...

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