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Taqueria La Poblanita

855 S. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805 | Anaheim | 714-520-9532

Location Description:

Taqueria La Poblanita is a ramshackle restaurant up the street from Angels Stadium that’s half unfinished produce market, half restaurant, and all about towering masses of food reflective of its name. “Poblanita,” of course, refers to the owners’ home state of Puebla, so understandably getting major play on the menu is the cemita poblana, that towering sandwich that finds a challah-like bread encasing a crunchy slice of milanesa, milky cheese, smoky chipotle, and other goodies for the best sandwich in Mexico...unless you count their pambazo, another awesome sandwich. And don’t forget their quesadilas Coyoacán, more deity than tortilla.

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