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1870 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | Costa Mesa | 714-982-7167
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  • Calendar:
    Giving party people an excuse to dress up (or down) has never been a problem for Sutra, Costa Mesa's popular dance club. This Sunday, they host their annual Black Party—so break out...
  • Calendar:
    If one internationally touring house DJ is pretty great, then two are even better. Marc and Allister Blackham are the EC Twins, a mirror-image pair from Manchester returning to Sutra this...
  • Calendar:
    Say what you will about Sutra's colorful patrons, there's no denying that the venue wrangles in the most prominent and talented DJs in the world. Rounding out the club's 5ive +1 Memorial Day...
  • Calendar:
    One of the most famous DJs on in the planet visits little ol' Orange County this week, and on a Wednesday of all nights—but it's just another day on the road to Steve Aoki, the Dim Mak...