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Smokey Fred’s BBQ

129 E. Collins Ave. Orange, CA 92867 | Orange | 714-393-4900

Location Description:

Smokey Fred’s is a barbecue restaurant in Orange. It ups the ante by proclaiming itself the master of four distinct barbecue traditions: Memphis, Carolina, Texas and Kansas City, all about as similar as Coto de Caza is to Stanton. Carolina gets repped in the form of an unsauced pulled-pork sandwich tarted up by a great coleslaw; on the side is a piquant carafe of vinegar sauce, like a thicker Tapatío. Memphis shows up in blocks of rib that slip off bones as though water off glass; the KC sandwich is the only oversauced thing here, but that’s because the city likes its ‘cue sweet and spicy. And Texas makes its presence known with charred brisket and a plump Polish kielbasa. Heck, Fred himself will even throw in a Louisiana link just for the hell of it.

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