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Sage Cafe

735 W. Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | Costa Mesa | 714-754-1978

Location Description:

Why don't more greasy spoons include grilled onions on a breakfast sandwich. It's an easy add-on that contributes dividends in flavor. Though technically not a greasy spoon, Sage Cafe does such things as stuffing the well-caramelized sugary things as well as a mess of scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese into your bread of choice. You can choose a croissant (which we recommend) or a bagel. The genius behind the massive two-fister has to cut off the breakfast production come lunchtime. There's just one small griddle, after all. Besides, when it's closer to noon, you want to indulge in its other offerings. A curried-cream broccoli tastes as though the Campbell's delivery truck had a serendipitous head-on collision with an Indian spice caravan. The salads are big enough for the Seinfeld fan, and you'll never see iceberg in it--not even on the sandwiches. Customers include the occasional Real Housewives cast member, but don't hold that against the place.

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